King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Bites the Dust

King Abdullah dies at 90. His successor is 79. I hope that’s not his son, or that is one ghetto king. Do the math. Creepy. Otherwise, it’s one really old goat being replaced by another old goat.

Are All Muslims Terrorists? Not Even Close….

Who’s using who as human shields?

Israel’s Netanyahu Under Fire Over Ceasefire

What the hell kind of people get angry because people aren’t being killed? God’s chosen? Something doesn’t sit right.

10 Things I’m Bored of, Tired of and Pissed At

1. Unflushed public or work toilets.

2.  Gangsta Rap. If rock is music for people who can’t sing, Gangsta Rap is for people who can’t rap. All attitude, no substance.

3. Being belittled by people who think they’re being “nice.”

4. The bad production value of most porn films.

5. The fact that an illness that has a direct effect on a guy’s sex life isn’t cured yet. Breast cancer is a MALE issue.

6. The knowledge of aging coworkers’ personal habits – bowl movements, etc.

7. Playing Johnny Cash daily at work.

8. My inability to negotiate a single hair colour.

9. People who get on board with something after it became popular. No originality.

10. Always the brides’ maid, never the bride.

Hamas and Israel Agree to Extend Ceasefire

10 Reasons America Should Withdraw Its Troops From…EVERYWHERE

1. America sucks at wars. They haven’t won one since 1945.

2. Peace really isn’t a strong point for the US of A

3. The people in those countries want to see an American flag about as much as an atheist wants a couple of Mormons banging on his/her door.

4. Why should soldiers die abroad for the benefit of corporations and banks?

5. Soldiers these days NEVER fight for “their country.”

6. The Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower talked about and JFK largely died over has to end or we will. One of us is going down.

7. Ron Paul said so and he’s been right on everything except health care for decades.

8. Fighting for freedom? Get fking real, Holmes.

9. Blowback is a bitch. You invade a country and how do they repay you for the democracy you tried to give them? Attack you. Well, who knew that would happen?

10. George Carlin talked about the “Bigger Dick Foreign Policy.” Nobody needs to die because Bush or Obama have small penises.