Quote of the Day: Like a Madman…

Like a madman shooting firebrands or deadly arrows is a man who deceives his neighbour and says, “I was only joking!”

Proverbs 26:18-19


When Did The Truth Become Illegal


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People I Can Do Without

1. People who want to impose their “truth” on others.

2. People who try to exert authority they do not possess.

3. A divorced relationship counselor.

4. Left-wing politicians who wear expensive suits.

5. Ardent enthusiasts engaging in pseudo-debates who drain 2 hours out of your life and accomplish nothing. Bill Nye and that other idiot come to mind.

6. Straight people who don’t choose their sexuality suggesting that sexuality is a choice.

7. People who leave Christmas lights up in the middle of July.

8. People who believe science is a fact – even though ideas are constantly changing. The world was once thought to be flat by scientists.

9. People who fill lubricated condoms with water and drop them on unsuspecting pedestrians from apartment windows.

10. Co-workers who wish they were your superior.

10 Reasons Ken Ham and Bill Nye Are The Same

1. They both believe in absolute truth.

2. They both want their beliefs taught in school to children.

3. They are both largely full of it.

4. They both believe their ideology to be inerrant. They reject the possibility of their arguments being based on theory.

5. They agree on natural selection.

6. They are both absolutists.

7. They both consider themselves “scientists” of one genre or another.

8. They are both entertainers designed to push an agenda through shock value.

9. Neither believes in aliens.

10. 2 old farts making age-old arguments is tiresome. They both need to get a life.

The Difference Between Liberty and Hypocrisy


Way down south in the yankety-yank, a Bullfrog jumped from bank to bank, just because he had nothing better to do.

-The Foolish Frog by Pete Seeger

Conservatives and liberals will each have their own biased perspective on this issue, while libertarians will no doubt cling to the principle of “liberty” (something America knows so much about – note the sarcasm) and defend the Colorado bakery’s right to refuse service on any basis.

But is liberty really the point? In a country that calls itself the  “beacon of freedom,” and then picks and chooses on an emotional or religious basis which rights are applicable and which are not? Certainly, on paper, one could argue that the bakery had a right to refuse service to this couple on the basis of their sexual orientation, but just because you can do something…should you? – which is why I will spare you the legality of this argument and move on to a more important subject on the matter, I believe, which is a matter of consistency and what it says about America.

People have a right to observe their own faith and values, but they undermine their beliefs in the real world when they pick and choose which part of their doctrine they want to observe and which they would prefer to ignore. I am no theologian, nor do I want to make this a right/left issue, but in a country that undermines the rights of its people with almost complete immunity, defending some rights over others can make you an ignoramus and an asshole, two traits I don’t recall Jesus Christ ever having on his resume.  You have a right to freedom of religion, and I suppose sometimes that means irregardless of what unrecognizable faith you’re referring to.

A country that spreads “freedom” at the point of a gun and picks and chooses the eligibility and voracity of civil liberties based on politics, hatred, ignorance and one person’s interpretation of a religious document can only be walking dangerously close to hypocrisy. For far too many in America, without being overly partisan, unless it involves a killing machine or negotiable theological principles, rights are negotiable.  I am not attacking people of faith nor those of strongly held, consistent conviction, but those who blatantly ignore tenants of their own ideology to serve their own interests at any one particular time. As George Carlin once said, “Either you have unlimited freedom or you have no freedom at all.” But for the purposes of this missive, freedom doesn’t really matter when it can be negotiated to fulfill the agenda of a person or group.

I have no quarrel with those who have consistently held convictions, even on issues like these upon which we are diametrically opposed. The quarrel that truly exists is between those who actually know what they are talking about and those who wish to make exceptions for their own ideology based on ignorance. Say what you want about Christianity and what it has become (and I have much to say on the matter), but I don’t remember Jesus even mentioning such contentious issues as homosexuality or, indeed, abortion. He was too busy actually living the faith he was teaching, from what I remember from childhood bible stories. If you’re going to subscribe to a faith and then attempt to rob people of their freedom on that basis, at least know what your faith is actually all about before you spout bigotry and hate and ignorance. As an admirer of Christ if not a follower, it’s a bit offensive to have to remind those who should know more than I about the central figure of the Christian religion.

Adding to that the entire kettle of fish is the fact that a supposed Christian Nation is even worse at defending liberty they claim came from God himself. If those rights came from a higher power, only that higher power has the right to take them away…unless I’m missing something inerrant in theological teaching. Far be it for American “Christians” to tout liberty and then defecate on its entire concept. Or maybe I have been talking with people from pretty much everywhere else in the world for too long, specifically the ones watching bombs rain down on them that might as well have crosses painted on them – the greatest disrespect I can possibly imagine for the Saviour of the World, the Almighty. But once again, respect and reverence for the central figure of their faith and everything he stood for isn’t exactly high on the priority list for many who call themselves “Christians.”

Suffice it to say, it’s no wonder Jesus is taking his sweet time with the Second Coming. How many chances do you think he is possibly going to give humanity? If there’s one mistake God made, it’s that he didn’t take into account that all the incest in the Book of Genesis probably fried everyone’s brains – and as for a heart, it’s like the generic brand of a psych med – it doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? For narcissistic people obsessed with firearms? You died for US? Dude, what were you thinking?

The only other burning question I have is, Is America the Bullfrog or am I?

Education: An Essential Service

aap_7816_20Mar_MalalaYousafzai_800x600Disclaimer: For the purposes of the majority of my readers, and for continuity, I will simply discuss the American education system. Comparisons have been made numerous times, and I don’t need to reiterate someone else’s lines – for now, anyway.

NEW RULE: People have to decide whether their kids are important or not. I know where I stand, as did the Great Philosopher Carlin – and in many cases, it is clear too many parents agree with me.

Parents demand that some of the money I pay in taxes go into a pool that educates everyone’s child. That brings up another argument for another day, and I am not discussing taxes here. When those experts we have all paid to educate these little snot-nosed pricks clash with parents, the entity with the least experience on the subject always wins. Certainly, there are good teachers and there are bad teachers. But let’s at least assume that after subsidizing their education, these people know a little more about this than you do.

Let’s face it – parents, adults, are little more than overgrown children with the authority to screw things up for themselves and everyone else. Having a penis or vagina does not qualify you to raise or educate anyone, let alone a little kid who never did anything bad to you. As authority figures, parents have to be the most full of shit people on planet earth. For one thing, they dump their kids off on an educator and when they disagree with how things are going, the teacher gets blamed. And don’t get me started on labour disputes. One minute it’s Ms. Swanson, the next it’s that lazy, whiny Bitch trying to get more money out of me.

What do we value in our society? I am beginning to ask myself this question more and more frequently. What are our values? Self-interest? Then why have a government-run education system in the first place? It seems to me we are wasting people’s time – could it be…all of us? If you want something done right (translation: your way), do it yourself. If we truly value our kids, we have only two options.

1) Leave the education of your children to the people qualified to do so – and fight bigger battles like curriculum, etc.

2) Scrap the system entirely. A teacher didn’t piss away an extra 6 years of his/her life to be lectured by their scholastic inferiors.

Why else do people get jobs besides sustenance than to be the best at their craft? That isn’t universally true, but for more people than you’d like to believe, it is. Teachers are expected to take lectures from parents that lower their collective IQs, but I don’t see educators going into the kitchens of restaurants trying to show the chef how to cook. No one but the truly ignorant would even attempt to do that. Oh right, that reminds me – parents.

If having a child makes you qualified to make educational decisions for your kids, I saw a guy on the news recently with 12 kids by 9 different women. There’s someone you should listen to on educating your kids.

I think it is fairly clear that given the way “America’s Greatest Generation” has ruined things for their children and grandchildren, they and their offspring have no qualifications that entitle them to be taken seriously on guiding adolescence.

Is the education system in America a mess? Of course. The statistics bear this out. But whose fault is that? The educators are simply going on the education they received and some are even being innovative and bucking the system. But nobody cares. The system is the one that is fundamentally flawed, so venting frustrating directed at an educator probably doing the best they can with what they have is counterproductive.

The teachers are always the fall guys. At some point, we have to decide whether or not education is an essential service that the government should provide, and if it is, we should provide for and compensate those people we have entrusted with our kids in an appropriate manner. If we don’t want public education, we should man up and say so, instead of pretending we care, and then transferring blame whenever it suits us. What sort of example does that set for our kids? Reneg on your responsibility, and then complain when someone else does it in a way you don’t like. Once you agree to give someone the responsibility of looking after your snot-nosed little brats, if they feel it is necessary to help them grow up and function properly in the world to teach them about same sex couples, you no longer have the right to challenge a teacher on it. You dumped your kid into the public system. Parents can be just entitled as kids sometimes. At least when you’re 5, all you want is a toy or candy. I hate kids. Parents even more.

Paul Walker and The Hypocrisy of Valuing Human Life

Paul Walker

Paul Walker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I write this not to demean or undervalue the life or the tragedy of actor Paul Walker‘s sudden death, but to make a comment about the way we value human life.

In our society, human life is up for negotiation. If you are needed to secure an oil or opium field, your life is forfeit to that product. I once heard the quote: “Life begins at conception and ends in Iran” somewhere and for some people who have been called Neoconservatives, this seems fairly accurate. Murder and death is morally inferior to these people to sexual activity with the omission of a religious ceremony.

As for Mr. Walker, his life is of value, but it is clear celebrities and other famous people‘s human consciousness is of greater value than people of little notoriety, just as an unborn baby is of greater value than someone who has reached military age. Supposedly, your life is of greater or lesser importance based on your association with a specific social group.

As hundreds or thousands of young women and teenage girls mourn the loss of their heartthrob, we all ignore the true tragic deaths of many innocents around the world who we wish would remain anonymous. Apparently the life of one borderline movie star is worth more than families who are being wiped out by war and drone attacks.

I know what I have mentioned is the case, given the number of people I have witnessed on social media delivering posthumous shout-outs and RIPs to celebrities who pass on before their time. I do not diminish the lives of these famous people, but it is interesting and disheartening to me the people and things we value in society. We remember an actor who has accomplished little as far as their contribution to society and the world, while the life of an unknown soldier in Afghanistan or a Pakistani family destroyed by a drone is largely forgotten. The indifference to such things, particularly by so-called pro-life people is staggering. Pretty much the only time an Afghan woman matters is if she is pregnant. Then again, as long as the mother does not kill it and it is the collateral damage caused by the mother’s death due to drones or gunfire, it is an acceptable death.

For too many Christians, the 10 Commandments are negotiable. For many teens and tweens, their celebrity idols are of more value than a family dead or displaced in a far away land. A guy who chooses to get into a fast car and crash it is of greater value than an innocent person dead from a drone attack? These are the same people who go out on Black Friday and fight like animals over toys and trample each other for the latest gadget – and then they walk around with pro-life signs decrying a woman’s right to choose. Where do we get our values from?