Are All Muslims Terrorists? Not Even Close….

Ziauddin Yousafzai: Malala’s Dad and Father of the Year, of Every Year


This guy is legit. Maybe he doesn’t give enough attention to his sons, but in a society dominated by males, he’s got serious stugots pushing women’s rights. Class guy, really look up to him and his daughter, Malala (or Gul Makai – Corn-flower). Is this flower not beautiful? Suits Malala perfectly.


Charlie Hebdo Manhunt Updates – 2 Suspects Killed


False flag? It’s pretty convenient that 2 suspects end up dead. Dead men tell no tales. But let this tragic event not lead us into the temptation of believing all Muslims are bad or that this has anything to do with Islamic faith. It is no more a Muslim attack than are the drone attacks by Obama on innocent civilians in Pakistan Christian.

Malala: Why She Risks Her Life for Public Education (Video)

Malala Attackers Arrested by Pakistani Police

BC Teachers Losing Public Support

10 Things That Are Pissing Me Off

1. Talking elevators that constantly break down.

2. Israel and Hamas’ leadership.

3. People who wear spandex. What is this, 1985?

4. Birmingham gets Malala, Vancouver gets bike lanes.

5. Underappreciated educators

6. No cure for breast cancer – or none the government will let you have. If a straight man won’t stand up against it, who will?

7. Another day older and not an hour richer!

8. Beer and pop aren’t the same price – the drinkable beer isn’t, anyway.

9. The Fresh Prince was right: Parents just don’t understand.

10. Psychiatric certifications at 4:45 in the afternoon on a Friday.