King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Bites the Dust

King Abdullah dies at 90. His successor is 79. I hope that’s not his son, or that is one ghetto king. Do the math. Creepy. Otherwise, it’s one really old goat being replaced by another old goat.

Tommy Douglas: Greatest Canadian and An Example For America On Health Care

Tommy Douglas was a preacher from Saskatchewan who took the country by storm and didn’t need power (never became prime minister) to become the most influential politician in Canadian history. Americans particularly need to see this if you’re on the fence about health care. Tommy was the Ron Paul of his time.

Are All Muslims Terrorists? Not Even Close….

Supreme Court Upholds Mandatory Vaccinations

Top Candidates for President in 2016: Strengths and Weaknesses

1. Mittington Romnerd (GOP). Also known in some circles as Willard Mitt Romney. Was the head of Bain Capital/Bain Company, where he learned how to rip off poor people and take advantage of a system that puts corporations and the rich first. Lobbyists suck. Strength? He can manipulate right wingers into believing he works for them.

2. Rick “Frothy” Santorum (GOP). Hyper-religious zealot who believes in freedom so long as it doesn’t conflict with Catholic/biblical doctrine. “You’re not allowed to do wrong.” Hell, even Jesus believed in social liberalism and individual freedom (with consequences). Frothy needs to re-examine the bible and decide what in the hell drug he’s on. This is a guy who wants cameras in people’s bedrooms to prevent teenagers from having sex.

3. Newt Gingrich. Not declared a candidate yet, but the man who wants a lunar colony and every young woman he can get his hands on has to be thinking about another run.

4. Hillary Clinton. Finally a Democrat, right? She was too scummy for the Nixon Trials. They booted her ass off the team because she blatantly lied enough times that it got ridiculous. Goldman Sachs, CFR and JP Morgan stooge.

5. Elizabeth Warren. Probably won’t run and for good reason. Can you really beat Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan? I don’t think so. She’s too legit.

6. Rand Paul. The GOP favourite. Much better politician than his father, but still holds some of the same values, while kissing ass to the establishment at the same time. Still has a lot to learn on racial issues and homosexuality.

7. Sarah Palin. Between this crazy woman and Frothy, it’s going to be one hell of a primary. Hillary would destroy her in a general election.

8. Bernie Sanders. An independent progressive with true principles. Unfortunately, he HAS principles and he’s too old. Liberals want a woman or another Obama.

9. Rick Perry. Oops!

10. Marco Rubio. A dumb neocon from the Tea Party posing as a “new republican.”


As you can see, America has a bright future…cough.

Jon Stewart Owns The Race Issue

The message white America needs to hear.

Malala Bitch Slaps Pop Music for Objectifying Women

As a guy, I don’t know where to fall on this issue, but it’s clear Malala knows what she’s talking about.mala yousafzai