King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Bites the Dust

King Abdullah dies at 90. His successor is 79. I hope that’s not his son, or that is one ghetto king. Do the math. Creepy. Otherwise, it’s one really old goat being replaced by another old goat.

Tommy Douglas: Greatest Canadian and An Example For America On Health Care

Tommy Douglas was a preacher from Saskatchewan who took the country by storm and didn’t need power (never became prime minister) to become the most influential politician in Canadian history. Americans particularly need to see this if you’re on the fence about health care. Tommy was the Ron Paul of his time.

Flu Vaccine Only 23% Effective

And I still have to wear a mask at work. The least they could do was let me wear a Guy Fawkes mask, but instead I have to look like one of those creepy perverts from Eyes Wide Shut. I should just wear a black cloak with nothing underneath and freak everyone out.

Congress Finally Pushing To Release 9/11 Documents

Are All Muslims Terrorists? Not Even Close….

Supreme Court Upholds Mandatory Vaccinations

Charlie Hebdo Manhunt Updates – 2 Suspects Killed


False flag? It’s pretty convenient that 2 suspects end up dead. Dead men tell no tales. But let this tragic event not lead us into the temptation of believing all Muslims are bad or that this has anything to do with Islamic faith. It is no more a Muslim attack than are the drone attacks by Obama on innocent civilians in Pakistan Christian.