King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Bites the Dust

King Abdullah dies at 90. His successor is 79. I hope that’s not his son, or that is one ghetto king. Do the math. Creepy. Otherwise, it’s one really old goat being replaced by another old goat.

Flu Vaccine Only 23% Effective

And I still have to wear a mask at work. The least they could do was let me wear a Guy Fawkes mask, but instead I have to look like one of those creepy perverts from Eyes Wide Shut. I should just wear a black cloak with nothing underneath and freak everyone out.

Supreme Court Upholds Mandatory Vaccinations

Charlie Hebdo Manhunt Updates – 2 Suspects Killed


False flag? It’s pretty convenient that 2 suspects end up dead. Dead men tell no tales. But let this tragic event not lead us into the temptation of believing all Muslims are bad or that this has anything to do with Islamic faith. It is no more a Muslim attack than are the drone attacks by Obama on innocent civilians in Pakistan Christian.

5 Reasons New Years Resolutions Don’t Work

1. We are all, without exception, naturally lazy.

2. If you’re a vegetarian and you aren’t miserable, get a shrink.

3. No matter what bullshit people may tell you, sweat is NOT sexy!

4. Women come to the realization that fat usually goes to their asses and their breasts anyway, and who doesn’t like big tits and a ghetto booty? (I never promised you a love song).

5. In the end, we all have our vices. Give it up and accept the fact that you aren’t perfect and you never will be perfect. You will never be a sports hero, never win a hot dog eating contest, have a penis capable of pleasing a woman (get real, she’s ALWAYS faking it, guys – and not because she gives 2 craps about you, either. She just wants to get it over with so she doesn’t have to miss the rehashing of the previous episode of DAYS – or she’s late for her vaginal ultrasound).

10 Things That Are Pissing Me Off

1. Talking elevators that constantly break down.

2. Israel and Hamas’ leadership.

3. People who wear spandex. What is this, 1985?

4. Birmingham gets Malala, Vancouver gets bike lanes.

5. Underappreciated educators

6. No cure for breast cancer – or none the government will let you have. If a straight man won’t stand up against it, who will?

7. Another day older and not an hour richer!

8. Beer and pop aren’t the same price – the drinkable beer isn’t, anyway.

9. The Fresh Prince was right: Parents just don’t understand.

10. Psychiatric certifications at 4:45 in the afternoon on a Friday.

Support BC Teachers: You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone

I hated school. Check that: REALLY hated school – probably more so than most kids who would have rather hung out in the smoke pit than take the Biology exam they didn’t study for. I was not, nor have I ever been, like Pakistani education advocate Malala Yousafzai. She risked her life and was shot in the head by a sadistic, masochistic terrorist to sit under fluorescent lights with a bunch of kids who may or may not have wanted to be there listening to a teacher whose real passion was likely coaching the basketball team. That was my experience in one class anyway. Ah, Grade 9. But the impact a teacher can have on a kid’s life is pretty significant in my experience as a student.

As my social skills were, sadly, abysmal in terms of relating to my peers, the people I found myself gravitating to socially were in fact school staff, particularly the ones with their marbles still in tact yet not very far off chronologically from having one foot firmly planted in the geriatric ward at VGH and while in hindsight I lost a lot of years just being a kid in socializing with teachers, I obtained a general appreciation and respect for them, what they do and their motivations. Indeed, as I have previously noted, I have had teachers who wanted to be there about as much as I did, but the vast majority genuinely cared about the work they did. If only they were as hot as some of my peers, who seemed only interested in my ability to keep them out of Summer School.

I could not have gotten through high school without some wonderful educators. Indeed, a couple of them made life more challenging, but the vast majority are the reason I am here today. My own personal struggles invariably ended up being thrust into their laps whether they liked it or not – but they never bemoaned that fact. One particular teacher I recall was so committed to her job that I would see her without a dry eye on more than one occasion. “Like a madman shooting firebrands or deadly arrows is one who deceives his neighbour and says, ‘I was only joking.'” This Bible verse was posted proudly upon her classroom wall. That was the level of her commitment to her craft.  To have a teacher who cares that much is not as rare as one might think, but they are often ones who are rarely appreciated. Without my personal conversations with this particular educator, I would not have appreciated her or her motivations in any meaningful way.

Teachers can make or break a kid in such formative years. If one made a positive impression on you, you are undoubtedly better for having been in their class, even if you failed to appreciate it at the time.

I, like many other kids, couldn’t wait for graduation and now I almost miss those years of cavalier carelessness. As the old Joni Mitchell song goes, “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

Education, no matter what country you live in, is a highly under-appreciated value. Malala Yousafzai risked her life for what your kids would likely rather avoid like the plague. While I find myself reminiscing about it more and more frequently, it still isn’t something I would be willing to lay down my life for, in spite of my appreciation for this one teacher and her impact on my life. I am not as strong or as brave as Malala, nor does OUR society teach the value of education in such a way that Malala’s fervor and the work that educators do can truly be appreciated.