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Union Solidarity With BC Teachers

So much for being able to starve the teachers out, Factbender!

Letter to Premier Clark and Education Minister Fassbender



Dear Ministers Clark and Fassbender

I am a teacher. 18 months ago we began bargaining with the BCPSEA bargaining team according to the protocols developed by Vince Ready.

following our 2005 strike. Costing formulas were agreed to. Sharing of information was agreed to. Bargaining protocols were agreed to.

Progress was being made at the bargaining table. Your reaction? To fire the elected board of directors of BCPSEA and their negotiators. Then you replaced them with one unelected administrator, Peter Marchank, and one negotiator, Peter Cameron.

I work hard. I want the best for my students. Do you? Then why would you not consider saying yes to binding arbitration so that  schools can

get on with learning and teaching?


You want details. Here are the details.


1. Take E80 off the table and let it be decided by the courts as you profess  you want to do.


2. Bargain a meaningful working and learning fund so that boards can hire the teachers they need to do the job we want to do.


3. Send everything else to binding arbitration.


4. Thereby getting students back in classrooms learning with their teachers.


You say you want to get students back in classrooms. This will do it by next week. Have you got a better idea that would see schools open next week?

Yours truly

10 Things That Are Pissing Me Off

1. Talking elevators that constantly break down.

2. Israel and Hamas’ leadership.

3. People who wear spandex. What is this, 1985?

4. Birmingham gets Malala, Vancouver gets bike lanes.

5. Underappreciated educators

6. No cure for breast cancer – or none the government will let you have. If a straight man won’t stand up against it, who will?

7. Another day older and not an hour richer!

8. Beer and pop aren’t the same price – the drinkable beer isn’t, anyway.

9. The Fresh Prince was right: Parents just don’t understand.

10. Psychiatric certifications at 4:45 in the afternoon on a Friday.

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