Qualities of Jesus That We Should All Aspire To

If you’re liberal, you may in fact relate to this more than a “Christian Conservative.” In other words, Elizabeth Warren may get it more than Rick Santorum. I am also assuming, based on historical evidence, that Jesus Christ really lived – whether he performed miracles or rose from the dead is not up for debate below.

1. Jesus was the first feminist. At a time when it was only customary for men to talk to women for the purpose of getting laid (wait – just like now!), Jesus, like, ladies, your best gay friend, just wanted to converse and help make the lives of women better. Would Jesus actually attend the Pride Parade? And what kind of stud can get a woman willingly to wash their feet without asking or even hinting?

2. He never mentions anything about “social issues.” He rarely judged anyone. He doesn’t even mention homosexuality or abortion. That’s in the Old Testament.

3. He fought for “the least of these,” the opposite of what the proponents of trickle down economics (Christian Conservatives) do.

4. Jesus indeed had a best girlfriend. I don’t believe there was anything particularly romantic between them (though I really can’t speak for Mary Magdalene – she was a little messed up. Ex-prostitute, etc etc).

5. Every gift Jesus gave (healing, food, etc) was given without expectation of return. Seeing people happy and living their lives for each other as much as themselves was good enough for him.

6. He felt pain, just like the rest of us.

7. He enjoyed a glass of wine. “A little wine for thy stomach’s sake.”

8. If the word “kannebosm” is to be understood by myself, Jesus was a pretty hip dude and maybe we should ponder that when discussing treatment for things like cancer.

9. Women, as referenced in #1, loved the guy. He was, if anything, almost metrosexual. He actually CARED about what these chicks had to say.

10. The only time he ever seemed to get really angry was when the bankers tried to take over the temple. Then he went bad ass on them and wrecked the place. We could use him now against the Rothschild Global Banking System.

Top Candidates for President in 2016: Strengths and Weaknesses

1. Mittington Romnerd (GOP). Also known in some circles as Willard Mitt Romney. Was the head of Bain Capital/Bain Company, where he learned how to rip off poor people and take advantage of a system that puts corporations and the rich first. Lobbyists suck. Strength? He can manipulate right wingers into believing he works for them.

2. Rick “Frothy” Santorum (GOP). Hyper-religious zealot who believes in freedom so long as it doesn’t conflict with Catholic/biblical doctrine. “You’re not allowed to do wrong.” Hell, even Jesus believed in social liberalism and individual freedom (with consequences). Frothy needs to re-examine the bible and decide what in the hell drug he’s on. This is a guy who wants cameras in people’s bedrooms to prevent teenagers from having sex.

3. Newt Gingrich. Not declared a candidate yet, but the man who wants a lunar colony and every young woman he can get his hands on has to be thinking about another run.

4. Hillary Clinton. Finally a Democrat, right? She was too scummy for the Nixon Trials. They booted her ass off the team because she blatantly lied enough times that it got ridiculous. Goldman Sachs, CFR and JP Morgan stooge.

5. Elizabeth Warren. Probably won’t run and for good reason. Can you really beat Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan? I don’t think so. She’s too legit.

6. Rand Paul. The GOP favourite. Much better politician than his father, but still holds some of the same values, while kissing ass to the establishment at the same time. Still has a lot to learn on racial issues and homosexuality.

7. Sarah Palin. Between this crazy woman and Frothy, it’s going to be one hell of a primary. Hillary would destroy her in a general election.

8. Bernie Sanders. An independent progressive with true principles. Unfortunately, he HAS principles and he’s too old. Liberals want a woman or another Obama.

9. Rick Perry. Oops!

10. Marco Rubio. A dumb neocon from the Tea Party posing as a “new republican.”


As you can see, America has a bright future…cough.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, Channelling George Carlin: The Game is Rigged


Risk: The Key To Understanding The Great Recession


Many of my friends on the left side of the political spectrum will ONLY focus on the greed on Wall Street in causing the Great Recession. They argue that deregulation of the banking system was the sole reason we got into this mess. Meanwhile, my right wing compadres will insist that it was the greed of homeowners who bought homes they could not afford who were at fault. While there is a grain of truth (perhaps) in both arguments of varying degrees, everyone seems to be missing the entire basis upon which a free market (one that works, at any rate) is built: Risk.

When banks suddenly started giving out ridiculously risky loans, people should have asked why. Why would a bank that previously had checked people out before approving home loans and such change their policy so drastically at the turn of the century? Banks aren’t in the business of making risky loans. Think about it. Why would they give out a loan to someone they were almost sure wouldn’t be able to pay for it? Certainly the 1980s and 90s had seen immeasurable prosperity and economic indicators were that it would be endless. So buy more. Be a good consumer. BUY BUY BUY. Accumulate debt. YOU CAN AFFORD IT, they said.

To answer my previous question, Why would the banks loan money to people they were pretty sure wouldn’t be able to pay it back? one must go back to the 1990s, and a policy called the National Homeownership Strategy. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. This legislation was no exception. A centrepiece of President Bill Clinton’s fight against poverty was this little gem. For the government’s perspective/propaganda on the issue, read this: http://confoundedinterest.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/nhsdream2.pdf.

It seems like a good idea, right? Who doesn’t want people to own their own home? When it comes to nearly every government initiative, especially ones in the United States, one must dig a little deeper and ask the fundamental question of Who Benefits? In this case, one of the stipulations of this legislation was that very simply if this grandiose program didn’t work out, the government would step in and back those mortgages that people couldn’t afford to pay. But that would NEVER happen. America was in prosperity mode, drunk on credit cards – the uber rich knew it would never last, but that’s not what the told the rest of us when they knew they were ripping us off. There was no risk for the banks. Their asses were covered. Either they would make a killing or they’d get a massive bailout to cover their losses. Meanwhile, thousands would lose their homes. Doesn’t sound like much of a sweet deal anymore, does it? Thanks, Bill.

A system cannot survive when different groups of people (especially ones divided by income) are allowed to play by different rules – or worse, when one group gets to MAKE the rules. That is the essence of a dictatorship: a society that rejects the rights of individuals and sees people only as members of groups with varying influence based on the size of their wallets.

The banks own this country. They make the rules that benefit them, and we have to live within those rules and accept our fate – an increasingly smaller piece of the pie. But never fear, my interesting free market friends, all of this is artificial. The causes of our economic problems are not a natural result of free market principles, but of manipulation by an elite group of people who rig the system for their benefit. Deregulation doesn’t tell you the whole story.

RISK will tell you everything you need to know about our current fiscal difficulties. The rest of us take it when we make an investment or buy something, while the real power-brokers, the banks and corporations, live in a different world free of such inconveniences. Thankfully for them, WE take on that risk for them. The debt accumulated at each government level falls not on the people who benefit from such government policies, but on you and I. If we did this, we’d be in jail. No doubt.

In closing, here is some food for thought. When the stock market comes back after a recession, the leader and his government are praised by the media and we are led to believe that this is a good thing for all of us. A recession does not end because rich people start to make more money in the private sector or when people are back at work, being paid 1/2 of what they were before the crisis. The stock market is very deceiving. Don’t be fooled. This current recession isn’t over by a long shot.


When Did The Truth Become Illegal


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10 Accomplishments of President Obama: 2008-2013

1. Drone Pakistan and other countries from afar, killing innocent civilians and suspects without due process and end up humiliated by a 16 year old girl named Malala Yousafzai.

2. Allow a health care plan that raises prices and hands corporations a trillion dollars.

3. Issue fewer executive orders than Ronald Reagan while allowing the GOP to lie about it.

4. Drink cheap beer at a “Beer Summit” over racism. An elitist like him should NEVER be caught dead with a light beer. Next time, Mr. President, have a Pot Summit. Invite the Trailer Park Boys to the White House.

5. Dance on Ellen.

6. Despite tremendous charisma, allowed both parties to keep almost all important bills from passing.

7. Gets shout outs from celebrities.

8. In a show of less dickishness than usual, shook Raul Castro’s hand.

9. Becoming Bush 2.0

10. Caught on camera checking out a woman’s buttocks.

Facebook’s Anti-Bullying Day

Facebook’s Anti-Bullying Day

From where I’m sitting, it’s no different than any other day. Maybe I forgot to wear pink. RIP Amanda Todd. Teenagers who sleep around don’t deserve to die either.