Your Online Streaming Sports Fix

Sometimes I have a hard time finding the right feed for my games (the feed out of Vancouver), but typically streaming access is pretty good.

President Obama’s State of the Union With GOP Response

I know posting this probably goes against everything I believe in by going after a story, rather than the story within the story, but I’m also a huge attention whore, so if you’re interested, take a gander. I recommend for a head explosion or some comedy, skip to the 2nd clip and hear what the Republicans have to say about the Speech. You can probably predict everything, though. Obama in a room full of gun-loving Republicans sounds dangerously close to Mississippi Burning all over again.

Canucks at Panthers LIVE Online Streaming (January 19, 2015)

Dr. Martin Luther King Day ’15

I’ll write on this later. In the meantime, hit up the article.

Tommy Douglas: Greatest Canadian and An Example For America On Health Care

Tommy Douglas was a preacher from Saskatchewan who took the country by storm and didn’t need power (never became prime minister) to become the most influential politician in Canadian history. Americans particularly need to see this if you’re on the fence about health care. Tommy was the Ron Paul of his time.

10 Worst Things That Can Happen When You’re Sick

1. The fire alarm goes off in your building and doesn’t stop for nearly half an hour. Not only are your ears about to explode, the elevators don’t work, so there’s no escape. The noise, that is. It’s probably a false alarm anyway.

2. You have a sexy lady knock on your door, selling something. You sneeze a massive snot-ball in her hair before you get a chance to turn on the “charm.”

3. People tell you you’re not really that sick and you should go to work. You hock a loogie on their sweater.

4. George Carlin comes back from the dead as your guardian angel, but being touched by an atheist doesn’t work. You’re still sick. And George bailed on you to smoke some weed.

5. You turn on the TV and it’s the Food Network.

6. You wake up in a sea of used kleenex’s.

7. The toilet is broken, but you had to use it anyway. The shower doesn’t work either, so try not to crap your pants.

8. You get a phone call from some nimrod who wants you to complete a survey on food intake and bowel movements.

9. You live a block from the entertainment district and it’s a 2 AM on a Friday night.

10. You blow your nose and it causes you to crap your pants.

Supreme Court Upholds Mandatory Vaccinations