Louisiana Bans Anal and Oral Sex – for EVERYONE

Louisiana Bans Anal and Oral Sex – for EVERYONE

Are these southern Republicans all obsessed with sex? Perverts!

One thought on “Louisiana Bans Anal and Oral Sex – for EVERYONE

  1. They ban this but sisters, cousins, brothers, alligators, chickens, large amphibious creatures, extraterrestrials, and hollowed our squash and melons remain legal and therefore, in play. You have to understand that Louisiana is one of the strangest places on earth. They have a law passed with the specific intent of stating the punishment for stealing crawfish. You can go to jail for 10 years for stealing an alligator. They have a law there that biting someone with your natural teeth is “simple assault,” while biting someone with your false teeth is “aggravated assault….I mean they have a law against gargling in public. What is that about ? Louisiana suffers psychological detriment from not really having much solid land–it is mostly a marsh with dots of land…as well as a lot of inbreeding that people do not talk about as it is astounding there. People in Minnesota look down on their southern neighbors in Iowa. The Iowans look down on their southern neighbors, the Missourians who in turn, dis people from Arkansas…you get the picture —people (if there are any left) in Louisiana are lower than whale shit at the bottom of the ocean. Their lack of geographical knowledge leaves them holding the bag—they can’t look down on anyone as they can’t conceive of anything below “Nawlins”….The only good thing about living there would be that IF the Zombie Apocalypse starts, no one in Louisiana will be able to notice or subsequently care. But if they do notice, they will probably pass a law against sex with Zombies, if they already haven’t done so.


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