The Truth On The Immigration Debate


I often wonder about people who are so ardently against “illegal immigration” yet they are also deeply connected to America’s “history” – well, their version of it (the version where Europeans were totally benevolent toward First Nations people). These people who like to play dress-up worship men who owned slaves and murdered Aboriginals by the thousands. In essence, the white settlers were the first real illegal immigrants to North America in the true sense of the term.

From that point on, the settlers set things up to benefit themselves and their interests, to the detriment of everyone else. America was founded, as George Carlin put it so eloquently, “by slave owners who wanted to be free.” As much of an oxymoron as that sounds, it gets more interesting when you look at immigration policy. Now that whites had complete control over the US of A, they had to ensure they didn’t lose that power without a fight; so they set up a system that made it increasingly more difficult to come to America unless you had money. Middle and upper class Europeans and deeply religious zealots who were too kooky for their own countries were welcomed with open arms by Americans, while non-whites were either shit out of luck or doomed to work on railroads for little pay in terrible working conditions.

That immigration policy has stayed largely the same for hundreds of years. “Illegal immigrants” come to America in that way because it’s the only way they can come. The harder you make a function of government to get through the process, the more it hurts the poor and minorities who can’t advocate for themselves as well as rich whities. Is racism involved? That is not for me to judge. I just state the facts as best I know them. You decide.

What is clear is that, whether intentional or not, the immigration system is set up in a way that benefits those who have money and come from wealthier countries. If you’re fleeing tyranny in, say, Mexico and looking for a better life for your kids, you’re either sleeping your way through the system or coming in undocumented. That’s the reality.

On top of all of this is the matter of hypocrisy. Drug dealers and thugs are allowed to come and go as they please, while a mother with 2 kids looking for a better life is better off being an illegal than getting bogged down with US Customs.

Washington could reform the system, but instead they’re going with 2 crappier options: Republicans try to set up rules to prevent the poor and minorities from voting at all, while Democrats offer the moon and hardly if ever deliver on their promises. Politics is played while people who truly belong in America are persecuted by ignorant red necks in revolutionary war uniforms and others are invited into politics as pawns to screw over their own people.

Immigration is a fairly simple issue once you get past the emotional aspect of it. Simply put, it’s the people you actually want in the country who are the ones either being shut out completely or being forced to work on farms and other menial jobs for almost no pay and no benefits. It is modern day slavery. And, as usual, who’s behind this corrupt system? The banks and corporations. While we’re arguing about what is lawful and what is not, a massive theft is taking place that affects both illegal and legal immigrants and all the rest of us. But we’re too stupid to figure that one out.

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