10 of Society’s Heroes

1. Chef Brian Parker, who owns Moo Cluck Moo in Michigan, pays his employees a base salary of $15 an hour, while producing restaurant quality fast food for customers at a price cheaper than a Big Mac at McDonalds.

2. Trevor Linden, new Canucks President of Hockey Operations and former hockey hero in Vancouver.

3. Ron Paul, who told the truth even when he knew more than half the country was too ignorant to listen.

4. REAL Men who are loyal and stand by their lady even when times are tough.

5. Marcus Luttrell, Navy Seal.

6. Senator Rand Paul, for standing up against, among other things, a war with Syria.

7. JFK, for giving up his life to show us how the world could be.

8. Martin Luther King, who made us believe we could be better than what we are.

9. Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey, for revealing the truth about immunizations.

10. George Carlin, who told the truth, even when half of Americans ignored him.

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