10 of Monsanto’s Greatest Hits

1. Found guilty in France of chemical poisoning in 2013.


2. Monsanto Canada acquitted (yes, you read that right) in Canada by the supreme court. Monsanto claimed (get this) that a farmer was using their seeds without authorization in 2004. I think I have figured out a way to get rid of these criminals.

3. More Monsanto lawsuits in Canada – too many to list.

4. DDT, a pesticide, was banned by the US in 1972. Monsanto uses it to this day.

5. Monsanto rises to prominence in the 1960s, around the time that the scourge of heart disease among humans rises drastically.

6. Growth hormone begins use in 2008 for the production of milk.

7. Monsanto now uses animal genes in GMO vegetables. Think you’re a vegetarian?

8. Accused of antitrust in 2009.

9. 1981 – charged with scientific misconduct.

10. 1996 – charged with false advertising.

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