Jon Stewart: The Difference Between Corporations and People

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Jon Stewart: The Difference Between Corporations and People


Jon Liebewitz opens up a can of whoop ass on JP Morgan and other corporations who insist that, as Mitt Romney put it, “Corporations are people.” Watch.



Ron Paul and the Just War Theory

, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.

, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of Representatives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the sort of thing that would especially annoy someone like Rick Santorum, because the Just War Theory is of Catholic origin. St. Augustine of Hippo was the first in the faith to come up with the Just War Theory. The concept was simple. War is only justified to defend one’s oneself or one’s country. Period. Ron Paul, a proponent of this, should remind people like Frothy of this, because it is a Catholic idea. He should know better. Unfortunately, too many on the Right who claim to be “Christian” reject their own teachings, just as some “Muslims” do. In essence, there is no difference between a Muslim terrorist and an American Christian who advocates pre-emptive war or invading the sovereignty of our nations. Morally, they are equal.

St. Augustine of Hippo as pictured during the ...

St. Augustine of Hippo as pictured during the Renaissance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


No army can sto…

No army can stop an idea whose time has come.
Victor Hugo


10 Reasons to Reject Organized Religion

Despite what may come out of this, I am not attacking faith or any one religion in particular. Organized religion as a whole has done a lot of harm in the world.

1. It has led to murder and persecution of people on the basis of their beliefs or lack thereof.

2. It causes people to see each other as members of a group rather than as individual human beings.

3. It is used for the accumulation of power and money.

4. It rejects the essence of true faith, replacing it with lies and distortion and one person’s agenda.

5. It blurs the line between separation of church and state.

6. It gets ignoramuses like former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum elected. Jesus was apolitical and refused to lead a violent revolt against Rome. Forget about violence. No one can stop an idea whose time has come.

7. I convinces people that their salvation is tied to their membership in a group, rather than their direct relationship with a higher power.

8. It creates fodder for quips from some of the greatest comedians and social commentators of all time and discredits their faith.

9. It shuts off the brain God gave us.

10. It is used as an excuse to promote hatred and bigotry, causing a person to miss the entire message of the Bible or the Quran.

English: User box for Separation of Church vs....

English: User box for Separation of Church vs. State (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Cooking A Duck Breast

Duck breast smoked for about 10 minutes on woo...

Duck breast smoked for about 10 minutes on woodchips and black tea, then panfried. Potatoes in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am posting this because a lot of people are intimidated by duck, largely because of their assumption that every cut is fatty. When it comes to the breast, the skin is where virtually all of the fat is, and if you cook the duck breast properly, you can avoid all the fat and still enjoy a nice piece of meat.

1. Trim off any excess fat, leaving the skin to completely cover the meat.

2. Heat a frying pan to low to medium low heat.

3. Scour the skin. Basically all that means is running your knife through the skin several times on the bias, being careful not to slice too deep so as to puncture the actual meat.

4. Season BOTH sides.


6. Render the fat out of the duck breast in the pan on low to medium low heat.

7. When the fat has rendered out, turn the heat up to medium and sear the skin side until it is golden brown.

8. Turn the breast over and cook for 30 seconds.

9. Turn duck breast back onto the skin side

10. Preheat an oven to 425 fahrenheit and roast for 6 minutes, skin side down.

11. LET IT REST for 4-5 minutes so the juices can settle back into the centre of the meat.

12. DO NOT OVERCOOK! Medium-medium well is about as far as you want to go with these or they become tough.

13. Slice thickly, as you don’t want your duck to get cold too quickly.


You will want to do this quickly, so that the duck breast doesn’t get cold.

1. Add handful of cranberries to the plan on medium heat and gently soften.

2. When soft, add about an ounce to 2 ounces of brandy

3. Let reduce quickly and add 1/4 c of cream, just to thicken the sauce and serve.

4. Make sure you scrape up all the bits from cooking the duck

5. Serve with the duck breast on top of the sauce.


Study Suggests Male Birth Control Pill May Be Possible

I can’t wait for the right wing religious response to this one!

CBS New York

[worldnow id=9600170 width=420 height=266 type=video]

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A new study may have found a way to make a male birth control pill a reality.

As CBS 2’s Dr. Max Gomez reported Wednesday, a male contraceptive has been sought for years, but every time something looked promising, it turned out to have serious side effects.

Now, Australian and British researchers have figured out a way that might avoid those health problems, but women are advised not to give up their own birth control just yet.

For decades, most of the responsibility for contraception has fallen on women, from pills and diaphragms to foams and jellies. So the idea of a male contraceptive beyond condoms was attractive to the women, and men, who talked to CBS 2 on Wednesday.

“Why should we be suffering all the time?” a woman said.

“They’ve been taking this pill, getting sick over this pill…

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Top 10 Things Parents Can Do To Screw Up Their Teen’s Life

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan (Photo credit: Project M·A·R·C)

1. Take full control over his/her educational future starting in junior high school.

2. Try to make them “learn from your mistakes.”

3. Believe in your own infallibility.

4. Make unreasonable assumptions.

5. In your own arrogance, expecting your teen to tell you everything.

6. Pass judgment.

7. Try to make their lives easier than yours was by giving them everything you never had.

8. Being afraid of showing weakness.

9. Assume you can prevent your kid from making mistakes without causing irreparable damage.

10. Expecting your kid to make the exact same decisions you would make. Thank God I’m not a parent. Gentle vasectomy for me, please!