Malala, Pakistani teen activist, shot by Taliban

Malala, Afghan teen activist, shot by Taliban

The western media likes to portray people in the Middle East as crazy, militant, freedom-hating cowards so far removed from our own progressive ideals (calm down, neocons). What this establishes is that, at the very least, the majority of people in these countries are just like us. They want the same things – to live in peace and provide for their families. Obviously their governments, as with the west, have something to say about that, but the people themselves aren’t the suicide bombers they’re made out to be in the press.

I truly admire this young girl for her courage. She stood up for what she believes in at a young age and was willing to sacrifice her life for it. Malala Yousafzai received death threats before. This wasn’t a one-off. She knew that one day, this could be coming. She didn’t care. Her ideals mattered more. I’ll likely have more on her in future postings.

You can talk about kids who have shown courage in speaking out on important issues in America, Canada and the UK, but no kid does that sort of thing even remotely considering the possibility of repercussions, especially violent ones.

As of today, she is on a ventilator and unconscious with a 70% chance of survival, according to the all-reliable Wikipedia. 2 other girls, presumably friends of hers, were also shot.

I am however heartened by the reaction of the Pakistani people, who have renewed my faith in humanity. More on this as it develops. Pray for her speedy recovery. All the best, Mala!

6 thoughts on “Malala, Pakistani teen activist, shot by Taliban

    • True. But to me it’s not sad or tragic YET. As far as I’m concerned, she’s alive and fighting for her life and we should pray to whoever we pray to that she keeps it going.


      • It’s sad that some are so blinded by religion that they feel the need to attack a young girl, and it’s tragic that she is having to endure the pain and suffering that has been inflicted on her.

        I’m hoping she gets better and she and her family can find peace. I thought I read somewhere that her father is already living away from home because of death threats. Man, it must be horrible living like that.


        • Last time I checked, both the Quran AND the Bible teach peace, love and understanding. Jesus was practically a hippie. Unfortunately, faith can be used for good or evil. The only way to beat anger and hate is with love, the real love that is ACTUALLY part of these doctrines. Organized religion is the problem. Faith itself by definition is individual. It’s YOUR relationship with God, nature, or whatever. You can’t force someone into it or it doesn’t work. This girl is a Muslim and I respect her faith and hate what assholes have done with the real teachings of Allah. She’s got it right. The Taliban just want power and don’t really care to know or understand what her faith is really all about.


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