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10 Reasons “America’s Greatest Generation” Deserves No Respect

1. In their greed, they sacrificed their kids’ futures so they could have it all. 2. They gave their kids everything and taught them nothing about how to manage it properly. 3. Non-verbally, they taught their kids that they could be anything they wanted, while robbing them at the same time. 4. If Global Warming […]

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When Did The Truth Become Illegal

https://www.facebook.com/whendidthetruthbecomeillegal Please check this out and consider “liking.”

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MLK Letter from Prison, 1963

“Never Forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”

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10 of Society’s Heroes

1. Chef Brian Parker, who owns Moo Cluck Moo in Michigan, pays his employees a base salary of $15 an hour, while producing restaurant quality fast food for customers at a price cheaper than a Big Mac at McDonalds. 2. Trevor Linden, new Canucks President of Hockey Operations and former hockey hero in Vancouver. 3. […]

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Rand Paul Sues President Obama Over NSA

Cute, but it’s all political. It won’t accomplish anything practically.

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It Gets Worse: Mistreatment of Gays In Russia

  It Gets Worse: Mistreatment of Gays In Russia

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10 Things That Are Blowing My Mind

1. What gives people the courage to do things they know will have terrible consequences for them? See MLK and Rosa Parks. 2. We only shut down residential schools in Canada in 1996? And we like to think we are so much more progressive than America. Sick. 3. Canada has a military base in Australia. […]

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Happy Birthday, Rosa Parks!

Had Rosa Parks lived, today would have been her 101st birthday. She passed away in 2005 at the age of 92. But why, you may ask, is a white guy from Canada writing a belated eulogy for a black American hero, the First Lady of the Civil Rights Movement? For the same reason Ms. Parks […]

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Amanda Knox Reacts To Murder Conviction

Amanda Knox Reacts To Murder Conviction Sounds like she fits right in in the USA. Someone pass me a beer.

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10 Differences Between Canada and the USA

What follows is not a judgment upon either country,  but merely a comparison. 1. Canada has a Governor General representing Queen Elizabeth II of England, whose role is largely ceremonial except for the right to authorize election dates. 2. Canada has Universal Health Care. Your finances should never determine your level of care or put […]

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