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When Did The Truth Become Illegal

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Pet Peeves – 14 March 2014

1. Stupid men and crazy women. 2. Prejudice 3. Jaywalkers. You don’t need to follow ALL the rules, but common courtesy should be important in society. 4. Policy positions based on what party or what person is the leader. Wayne LaPierre was for background checks before he was against them. If you don’t want to […]

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10 Things That Are Pissing Me Off

1. People (women are the worst offenders) who use the word “like” more often than any other word in a 5 minute conversation. 2. Letting farts go in an elevator – especially those wonderful SBDs (silent but deadly). 3. The TPP. Good to know we can’t sue anyone for force-feeding us poison. 4. People who […]

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Malala Chills With Syrian Refugees

This girl couldn’t get any cooler.

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Monsanto Protection Act: The Stipulations of GMO Hell

If you read my article on a new proposed global corporate agreement, this should come as no surprise. The following are the stipulations of the new law regarding Monsanto, signed by President Barack Obama against his own platform in 2008. Whatever you think about GMOs, should they have a monopoly over the food supply? This […]

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Queen Elizabeth II Supposedly Going Broke

Queen Elizabeth II Supposedly Going Broke Knowing what I know about the royal family and international organizations, I have serious doubts about this, but I thought I would bring this story to you so you can make up your own mind.

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Education: Why It Matters

Young girls (hell, young guys like I was once) bitch and moan about having to go to school. They complain about homework, the make work projects – I get it. I was there. I’m not defending America’s or Canada’s education system. But I AM going to defend education itself. A young woman from Pakistan named […]

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Malala’s Toughest Battle

Malala’s Toughest Battle She has won the hearts and minds of western educators and others, but in the process she has alienated many in her own land, who accuse her of such things as being a “western puppet.” She is most definitely getting into bed with some shady people, but she believes education will help […]

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Rights: How Activism Should Really Work

I think we are going about these issues of rights and freedoms all wrong. We have focused on the oppressed, trying to help them function in a world gone mad, or use the oppressed to change the minds of the oppressors. Be nice, we say. Respect others. But what we don’t do is deal with […]

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Malala: Life in Birmingham

Malala Yousafzai‘s life beyond the speeches and the activism. This is Malala, the 16 year old girl who just wants to hang out with friends and family and be a normal person. Her story has taken on superhuman proportions, but in the end, she’s just a teenage girl with big ideas. Related articles Inspirational people: […]

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