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10 Reasons Friday Sucks

1. Happy Hour goes from 3-6 and you get off work at 5. 2. It doesn’t matter, because even on payday, you can’t still afford a $3 drink. 3. The countdown is on to a cheesy movie, crappy food and weight gain. 4. You get to watch the parade of your superiors leave work before 4:30. 5. […]

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10 Reasons “America’s Greatest Generation” Deserves No Respect

1. In their greed, they sacrificed their kids’ futures so they could have it all. 2. They gave their kids everything and taught them nothing about how to manage it properly. 3. Non-verbally, they taught their kids that they could be anything they wanted, while robbing them at the same time. 4. If Global Warming […]

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When Did The Truth Become Illegal

https://www.facebook.com/whendidthetruthbecomeillegal Please check this out and consider “liking.”

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10 Predictable Distractions From The Real Issues

1. Selfies at the Oscars. Hi, we’re just like you – except we’re rich! Now go cry about it. 2. Pizza at the Oscars. I like Ellen, but this hype is just too much. Kudos to that Jesus of Nazareth look alike Jared Leto for trying to keep the focus where it belongs. 3. President […]

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Facebook’s Anti-Bullying Day

Facebook’s Anti-Bullying Day From where I’m sitting, it’s no different than any other day. Maybe I forgot to wear pink. RIP Amanda Todd. Teenagers who sleep around don’t deserve to die either.

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Things That Piss Me Off – 26 Feb 2014

1. Coworkers (as opposed to bosses) who harass you but think they’re giving you constructive criticism – or generally don’t know they’re harassing you. How does my work suddenly “offend” people? *Sniffs armpits*. Nope, not that. 2. Getting the union involved when it’s totally unnecessary. Conflict is a bitch. 3. People who fart in a […]

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10 Things That Are Pissing Me Off – Feb 20, 2014

1. People who go Number 2 in the work toilet. 2. Health care workers who smoke. 3. People who think their bumper stickers (e.g. “baby on board” or “proud parent of an honour student”) make them superior to everyone else. These are the same clowns who drive some piece of crap that burns oil and […]

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Rand Paul Sues President Obama Over NSA

Cute, but it’s all political. It won’t accomplish anything practically.

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Shirley Temple Passes Away

  Shirley Temple Passes Away Yes, THAT Shirley Temple.

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Happy Birthday, Rosa Parks!

Had Rosa Parks lived, today would have been her 101st birthday. She passed away in 2005 at the age of 92. But why, you may ask, is a white guy from Canada writing a belated eulogy for a black American hero, the First Lady of the Civil Rights Movement? For the same reason Ms. Parks […]

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