The Scarecrow

I’m back! Yes, the paid site just wasn’t for me or my pocketbook. For any further stuff from me, take a look around!

47 comments on “The Scarecrow

  1. I thought the video went with your “the planet is fine..” statement.

  2. Okay..I’m off! goodnight! ;-)

  3. I think that blue eyeball looks scarey without appearing evil..you want something more scarecrow? I’ll look later and find you something. ;-)

  4. In other words, last night before I got off of here, I set it as the blue eye..the gravatar. So at any time, it might change from Carlin to the blue eye..didn’t want you to think when that happens that I got onto your website and did it now. But, like I said, when it does, let me know and I can put it back as the Carlin image that is still currently appearing.

  5. I mean, it can change when you want to change it..what i mean by so it doesn’t EVER change is only referencing the blue eye ball thing that it will eventually here change to.

  6. 13 followers…hmm you can’t help me with that, can you? repost my posts? hehe!

  7. See, you’ve got some new viewers already! Hugs!

  8. I just shared the link to your blog on my site’s FB page (www.fb.com/jeenyuscorner)…

    I included this note to my followers/readers…

    ### Ok, I’m sure you all know by now that I do NOT trust corporate owned media! Therefore, Those who are like-minded would enjoy this blog site. This is one of those, where if I don’t post something that was written on here, I still probably read it, every last word. ###

    Keep it up, and thanks for commenting regularly on my little trifle of a site.


    -The Jeenyus-

  9. Thanks for following the Old Fart. I was quoting George Carlin this morning to my daughter. Well done. I look forward to browsing your blog. Best regards.

  10. Hi mate – like your style. I think we share plenty of interests.

  11. i applaud you, you carry quite a load
    thank you for following the ADD blog, hope you will enjoy it and find it helpful, and be moved to comment often
    best wishes

  12. Hop on one leg at least one block while you plug your nose….and fan your free hand around in a waving motion..don’t worry, people will just think you’re waving hello to them as they drive past.. this usually helps this condition. At least, that’s what the crazy man at the drug store says.

  13. Hello, I just wanted to send out a quick thank you for following my blog: http://www.postcardsanonymous.wordpress.com
    Please feel free to one day contribute :)

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  15. Thanks for the blog follow! I appreciate it. I too, LOVE George!! I love his blunt, his curt, his lack of filter and his matter of factness! I really miss knowing that he will only be alive in the DVD’s and reruns – the world is lost without him but wherever he is, I bet he is hootin’ it up :)

  16. It is always a surprise when someone “Likes” a post on my blog, even more of one if they take the time to comment. I am now following your blog and look forward to your “opinions and observations”. I am a big fan of V and movies that really make one think, think hard!

  17. Thanks so much for the follow. I have returned the favor. Love the opening statement I would marry Carlin if he were alive. My hero! “This country is circling the drain” my fave.

  18. Thanks for the Follow Scarecrow ;)
    Wonder if we share any voices ???

  19. Ooh, that picutre and the quote gave me chills!

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  21. This is a topic that is close to my heart… Many thanks!
    Exactly where are your contact details though?

  22. Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections,
    I feel you may find something of your interest.

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  24. I Nominate you for the Illminating Blogger Award.

    Please accept & oblige.


  25. Chris, thank you for stopping and following my blog today. Similarly, I think George Carlin was (or is) one of the funniest guys to come along and in his humour had much wisdom. I look forward to following your blog and gleaning your wisdom.

    Take care,


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  28. Merci pour le fait d’ajouter!!! v–0.o–v Peace!!!

  29. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my humble blog…I hope some of my posts can shine a light every now and again 😉
    Love and Light

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